About Us

Helping You Live Healthy

Our Philosophy

At Panacea Pharmacy we believe in delivering great pharmacy service and developing meaningful relationships with our customers. Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals and we want to help you live healthy. We believe the best prescription is healthy living and when that is not enough we will help you manage the medications you need.

Our Logo & Name


Panacea, in Greek mythology, was the goddess of universal remedy.  While no such remedy exists, we strive to help you live healthy.  Living healthy is not a destination, but a journey and we will help you make decisions to move in a healthier direction.  The bowl of Hygieia is the focal point of our logo and has been associated with the pharmacy profession for many years.  We honor our craft’s tradition by incorporating it in our logo.  The earth in our logo is in the “Pangea” configuration.  When the earth was young, all the continents of the earth were connected and formed the Pangea continent.  In those days, dietary and health decisions were easier; it is our goal to help you make healthy decisions more easily.  Like Pangea, we hope to help you connect all the pieces of healthy living.