Lester Burris, PharmD

Remembering or committing to take medications as prescribed is difficult.  Only 51 percent of Americans treated for high blood pressure are adherent to long-term therapy.  Nearly 50 percent of medications are not continued as prescribed.  Non-adherence to medication is huge financial burden to our health care system.  The direct cost is estimated at upwards of 300 billion dollars each year.  Problems with non-adherence are not just financial.  Non-Adherence is responsible for 30-50 percent of all treatment failures and tied to 125,000 deaths annually.  Medication adherence decreases after 6 months of therapy, and non-adherence is more prevalent in those with multiple medications.  Put plainly, those who need their medications most are not taking them as they should.

If you struggle with remembering to your medication, or if taking multiple medications is a “chore”, convenience packaging can simplify your medication routine, and help maintain medication adherence.

At Panacea Pharmacy, we offer a customized packaging solution to help our customers take the right medications, at the right time, every time.  Convenience packaging increases confidence, convenience and safety by pre-sorting multiple prescriptions into a single package for the specified time of day.  It’s easier for caregivers to administer, easier for seniors to adhere to complex medication regimens, both of which are essential to extending independence and health.

The convenience packaging is prepared with each customer’s medications in a sealed, clear, plastic packet, which is arthritic-approved for easy opening.  Each packet is custom-printed with the customer’s name; day and time of dose; medication names, strengths, and descriptions; and other details.  The packets are supplied in a monthly supply rolled into a dispensing box, providing a quick and easy way to verify that the last dose was taken at the appropriate time.

Panacea pharmacy is proud to offer the safest, most convenient prescription filling options available, that promote higher medication compliance and reduces medication waste.  Convenience packaging helps our pharmacists help our customers with adherence to their medication regimen, and makes taking medications more manageable.

From seniors living independently at home, to caregivers and their family members, to parents whose children must take medications at school, to busy travelers — convenience packaging helps people know when and how to take their medications, and ultimately, helps them live healthier lives.

Panacea Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy located inside Lucky’s Market on South Walnut St.  In addition to convenience packaging, we offer compounding, a proactive pharmacy approach to prescription management, and a delivery service.  For more information, you visit wwww.panaceapharmacyrx.com or call us at 812-287-8884.